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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 18, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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now to cover sunday's game and will join us live at 5:00 and 6:00. >> word about change. new at 4:00 p.m. university of california president is stepping down in a statement he said he is resigning at the end of august. he gave no specifics and says he's leaving over health issues. he's been uc president since 2008 planning to return to teaching law in uc berkeley. >> today is the last day of the job for san jose police chief chris moore. the 25 year veteran led the police department for two years. his tenure saw a rise in crime, budget cuts and growing morale problems. >> nathan burress, convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend and her friend in the toll plaza was sentenced to death today. burress shot and killed deborah ross and maurice chucky everett at the toll
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plaza in 2009. during the sentencing burress says it doesn't matter because california legal battles over the death penalty make the execution unlikely. >> a man released from president yochb ak convicted for two murders years ago is accused now of killing his mother. he faced a judge and murder charges again, today. >> convicted double murderer and former death row inmate pled not guilty to killing1 çñ
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prurters accused him of buying her a 73-year-old lexus. it left the victim bankrupt and heart broken. investigators say she apparently used some nonpay off the victim in another criminal case. >> overseas now new information on the hostage situation in algeria. >> the obama administration confirm that's americans are still being held by islamic militants. >> one american worker from texas has been found dead. it's not clear how he died. u.s. officials today rejected an offer bit kidnappers to free two americans in exchange for release of two prisoners. one is a child sheek conviktd of plotting to blow up new york city landmark autos 12 hostages have been killed since the start of the effort yesterday. 100 others were freed. the fate of three dozen others is unknown at this hour. >> it's official. the flu is here. the cdc weekly flu activity map shows california in yellow
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meaning the flu is taking hold right now. states shaded red have the highest activity. green states, lower levels. how the bay area is responding. >> teresa is usually punk twal when it comes to getting the flu vaccine. >> this year, i've been busy and decided when i saw your talk, i said i need to go in to get the flu shot. this is one illness we can do. we better have our health. >> recipients are 60% less likely to have to the doctor for influenza. this year's flu season is earlier than normal and the dominant strain tends to make people more sick. doctors are reminding patients who are parents not to forget about themselves. the 8-year-old roman nathan's parents brought him, his
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brother, and sister so the victim faem could get vaccinated. >> they poke a needle on you. >> it doesn't hurt? >> no. it feels like a little page. >> they told me i'd be in and out within 15 minutes, faster than that. >> how long is that? three skpekdz lasts a year. >> it seems to be a hard flu year in terms of people getting sick from the flu. we've seen it hit in other parts of the country. now, coming into california. so we want to make sure the community is prepared. >> washington hospital will be holding more lynnics last week. vaccinations are $10 a piece. >> simple. >> yes. >> guess what? surf sup. preparations underway for mavericks competition this sunday. >> high surf advisory will be going up this weekend.
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you can see just what waves look like this morning and surfer arrive together area to take part in what organizers say will be monster wave autos yes. we are live in moss beach beach with the latest on this, i know they're excited. >> they are. now, it's clear and the sea is calm here. this is by tomorrow and saturday, event organizers say monster waves will be creating a spectacular event. this view from sky 7 shows a fairly calm sea this, is the area called mavericks that won't last long according to jeff clark, founder of the world famous competition, looking in forecast models of the 20-30 foot swells. >> i can go six hours ahead and you can see this start to move towards our coast. >> a storm four days ago, 3,000 miles away is what makes clark excited about the
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competition. >> they'll cut putt these guys on the edge. they'll have to bring a game to surf the wave autos last kmet tigs here was in 2010. 24 of the best surfers come here, some wipeout. >> this is been a dream of mine. since i was a boy. it's coming true. >> the 30-year-old is competing for the first time this year, he says he's been surfing since he was a toddler, now, he gets to surf with heroes. the competition attracts tens of thousands of people. this year, no one gets to go out to the beach because of the wave wiping out. >> this year there are plans in place to limit access to the beach and make it saver environment for spectator autos people will be able to taend a festival here with live coverage of the surfers. tens of thousands will bring
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an economic boost to half moon bay. miss near set up boats since no one can go to the beach. >> all very left are smallest boats. they want the most money. you have to pay $500. >> tickets are $10 online, $20 if you wait. now, they're asking people to carpool because parking near mavericks event will be sparse. >> thank you. just gorgeous out there today. >> yes. gorgeous, great conditions. there is a surf advisory in effect. >> yes. we do have hazardous conditions along the beaches. it's important people take mees warnings seriously. a look at live doppler 7 hd. clear skies, weather is lovely. talking about beach hazards first through morning. dangerous sneaker waves are likely and dangerous so. if you're going to be along coast line, stay back if you can and avoid rocks.
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let's talk about the high surf advisory in effect from 10:00 in the morning to 4:00 sunday afternoon. there are wave rights now are low. and we can expect strong rip currents a possibility with large breaking waves once again. clear skies tonight. and early chill in the morning hours. with very early morning hours, low temperatures upper 20s to low 30s. hazy sunshine throughout the remainder of the day. it will be mild with highs in mid-60s aconsiders bait area, i'll have a look later. >> thank you very much. >> still ahead at 4:00 washington gets ready for a huge party. and an image from the white house. >> plus, it's no joke. the family connection steven colbert may have in our
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nation's capital. >> in apt yos middle school, students learning dos and don'ts of live online that. story is coming up. >> and michael finney taking your questions and will answer them here live a little later. you can contact michael on finney abc 7. >> ask on this sparkling friday evening, afternoon, let's take a look at traffic. evening commute gets underway. you're looking live at skyway. you can see sticky in both directions, particularly on the left side of the screen. those cars are trying to get across the bay bridge. stay with us.
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white house reveal td official portrait for the second term. >> he's smiling this time, unlike the first term portrait. commander in chief showing more gray in the hair. >> the photo shot an all girl web video. >> theme is our people our future. i believe when our people are succeed chg they got the tools we theed to get the great education, get a good job, look after their kids, have some basic security, that... there is nothing can stop america. >> the three-minute long video is from the inaugural committee. on it, he discusses what the inauguration means to him and to the nation and talks about
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his admiration of president lincoln and dr. martin luther king junior. president obama's inauguration is monday. >> washington gearing up for the 57th inauguration. crews busy getting everything in place. and it's lower than the $8 million. the number is higher than previous inauguration autos abc 7 coverage of the inauguration begins monday at 4:00 a.m. with a special edition of abc "good morning america". we'll stream coverage live from washington on abc 7 starting at 6:30 monday morning so onair, and online. >> so how are apple, google and microsoft doing? plus more trouble at fox con. >> yes. we're live from bloomberg west with that and more on your bloomberg after the bell report. hi, emily. >> good afternoon, google's
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ceo larry page, tim cook and microsoft ceo will be facing wall street next week. the companies report earnings for the holiday quarter. it's the first time in three years they're expecting earnings to fall year over year. and it's apple wednesday, shares under pressure since september and fell in the last week after reports of week iphone 5 demand. microsoft on thursday, it comes down to windows 8. data indicating the windows 8 devices did not sell well over the holidays. tim cook ordered to give a deposition in a lawsuit over hiring practices. eric schmidt will be deposed in this case. apple, google skpintel be being sued by a group claiming the companies entered into
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pacts to not actively reclut kroout talent. and today stocks rose with the dow closing in a five-year high. house rinz plan to vote on a temporary increase in the debt ceiling limit. your bloomberg silicon valley closed lower. and at least seven fox con workers are dead and 20 hurt after two shuttle buses collided in central china fox con says they were transporting workers back home. and this happened in a factory that makes iphones where more than 100,000 people work. dan, carolyn, back to you. have a great weekend. >> you, too. >> heavenly mountain resort opening a giant half pipe.
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450 long despite the dementions it's designed for all levels of experience. it's inside one of the three-terrain parks opening at noon. the only one right now on the south shore. >> we're going to duct tape skies to spencer's feet. >> i'd like to see that. >> yes. so that will be get meeg there. >> cold weather, not a fan and the snow. sunny, mild conditions around the bay area. this is our third straight spare the air day. it's a beautiful day. here is a live view looking down on to the bay. clear skies, you can see evidence of haze out there over the pay. in this case there is a build up of particulate matter. it's going to be gorgeous. let's take a look at live
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doppler 7 hd. cloud free skies and current temperature readings in the 60s in virtually every location except novato going against the trend. it's 63 here in san francisco. we do have rough surf coming our way. nourj a row. mild afternoon throughout the weekend and into next week. tonight will be chilly again in spots. cold in spots, actually. and jant rosa, 30. cold, 29 temperatures beginning to moderate. and and a spare the air day tomorrow. poor air quality in the north bay. along the coast and central bay, moderate air quality for other image rism we'll have
4:19 pm pull back. we have a huge ridge of high pressure. jet stream flowing up and into western canada. we've got some sunny day heads for a while throughout tuesday. tomorrow will be one of the subby days with haze lingering. 66 in san jose. on the peninsula, mid-60s as well. mid-60s on the coast at pacifica and half moon bay. 64 in the sunset district. mid-60s in n sonoma. 67 in santa rosa. 66 in oakland. 66 easy for me to say. inland east bay, mid-60s, 64, walnut, 64. once again, we'll have two, three locations at or above 70
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degrees. here is the accu-weather forecast. this beautiful sunny, mild pattern the last crew. sunday, monday, into tuesday, then we get clouds and cool down sharply wednesday, thursday, friday. we need it nice out there. >> coming up next lost and found. the roll book discovered is found to young author autos then at 4:30 a warning for parents about clothing that their children wear. >> and taking a look at traffic right now, this is interstate 80. stay
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a lost book of l rule autos nound in a parking lot now back in the hands of rightful owners. two girls eighths 8 and 10. >> the 20-year-old returned the book last night to her cousins. >> the two dropped it in a walmart store that. is is where flores found it. it contained 158 rules and life lessons like don't bite the dentist f you're going to
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wet the bed, wear pull ups. >> flores was so impress skptd story went viral. isabella's mom responded. the girls say they're happy to have it back and ready to add new rules to the book. >> those are good rule autos there are good ones there. >> yes. >> a scare at the home of a major movie star. >> why a slew of super stars are headed to washington this weekend. >> president ob yaum's second inauguration is shaping up to be one of the most star studded of the year. a who's who headed to washington for the big event. beyonce, kelly clarkson, jamie fox, jennifer hudson, eva longoria and stevie wonder just a few stars attending and performing. here in hool hollywood, tom cruise is the latest target of celebrity when
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someone prank calls 911 and sent to a star's home. officers were called on thursday and it was a false alarm. ashton kutcher and justin beiber have been victims. >> arnold told us he'd been back. he's make gg on that in his new film. >> exhappy about it. you never know. i guess it's my career that has been like a storybook. >> also opening today, mark wahlberg and russell crow's broken city and the horror film, mama. oscars are only five weeks away. check out to make your picks and share them on facebook. >> steven colbert ran for office, now, his sister plans to run for congress in south carolina. a special election is being held. she is a political knew bee.
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now, if she wins the democratic primary, she can face mark sanford, the disgraced exgovernor. >> up next, faa officials weighing in on the battery problem that grounded all boeing 767s. >> and lance armstrong's doping confession, we talked to a author who wrote the book on doping and weighs in on this disgraced cyclist. >> disturbing video of a vicious attack on a subway platform. he then pushes and pulls this woman on to the track autos and the move from the tsa today on the controversial airport scanners. that is coming
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>> i view this situation as one big lie. i repeated a lot of times. >> part two of the interview with disgraced cyclist lance armstrong airs tonight. admitting that he lied for years is not satisfying many critics. >> armstrong's confession set a record for her network with 4.3 million viewers. the union says it's an important step towards
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repairing. abc 7 news has local and national reaction to the admission. >> all of the faults and blame here falls on me. >> lance armstrong made his apology. lance williams, the journalist who helped uncover balco scandal says it's less than stunning. >> he admitted stuff, deny smd other sthauf is well documented and won't talk about the quote, unquote, army of enablers. >> he told oprah winfrey he didn't feel he was doing anything wrong and did not feel bad about it. >> i didn't feel that way. as viewing it as adds a level
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playing field. >> olympic cyclist isn't satisfied with that. >> we haven't even scratched the surface. oprah isn't an expert on ins and outs of cycling. >> the world antidoping agency wants him to confess. the international cycling union wants him to testify before its commission. question is will any help? >> he's got to lay it out there with these agencies and once he does that, then, he has a chance to get back into the public eye. >> some say this confession could open him up to more lawsuits. >> the former mayor of new
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orleans under indictment charged with wire fraud, bibry and money laundering. stemming from an investigation in which two businessman have pleaded guilty. >> a philadelphia man is charged with a brutal tack on a woman caught by a surveillance camera. you can see a man and woman, apparently strangers waiting for a train. man borrows a lighter and lunges at the woman, choking her attacking her with punches. then grabs her by ankles and drags her across the platform tossing her on to the tracks. he walk to her purse, grabs her cell phone and leaves. womt climbed to safety with just minor injuries. police tracked that man down hours later. they say he still had the phone. >> that makes your blood boil
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watching that. boeing says it will stop developing new 787s to customers but production is not stopping, just the delivery. officials expect batteries may be linked to two fires on the planes. today, they say the battery received voltage in excess of design limits. the battery was 10 pounds lighter than normal. so many had leaked from it, leaking fluid can damage wiring and components and support structures as well. all 50 dream liners have been grounded. >> the transportation security administration confirms body scanners are going away. they raised privacy concerns, congress issued an order, fix them or remove them by this june. the tsa says the company making the scanners was in the
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able to come wupt fix to make them comply with the mandates. >> still ahead a experiment drug researchers will use to study alzheimer's disease. >> a team is jumping on the tatao hoax story. >> i'm michael finney. i'm still taking your question skpukz contact me at finney abc 7 and on twitter on m finny. i'll answer questions here live in just a little bit. >> looking at western sky, sun and clouds, perfect menu for a beautiful sunset. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and zipping along on golden gate bridge, no problem tl.z stay with us.
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another straempk turn in the titao girlfriend hoax. a team called the freedom is planning to give away bobbel heads of the girlfriend, only the boxes will be empty. they will have a special seating section for people to
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bring their imagery friends as well as a pretend kiss cam and image nairy food fight. >> people are piling it on. >> people are having fun at his expense, including jimmy kimmel. >> here is a joke from last night's show. >> have you been following the manti tao story? was in a relationship with a woman he met online. turned out that, i may not have expect skakt detail buzz it turned out the woman was bruce willis and was dead the whole time? or something like that. >> you can get jimmy kimmel live week nights. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. something not funny. it's delightful out there. >> it is. despite the fact this is a third straight spare the air day.
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sheer view, you can see clouds around. a haze over the bay, tomorrow, there will be another sunny day. cloud-free skies as we can see. that will be with us for a whi. we have dangerous sneaker waves down along our beach front areas. staying back from water's edge if you're going to be along the coastline. high surf advisory in effect from tomorrow morning to sunday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. rip currents are a possibility with large breaking waves. you can see heights around three feet or so. and nationwide, a typical day. here in california, looking for a mild day.
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warm down south with highs of 80s in los angeles tomorrow. 78 palm springs. more in the bay area, sunny, mild pattern continuing. look for sunny skies tomorrow, high temperatures into mid-60s reaching into upper 60s to near 70 as you move further south. it's going to be a lovely weekend here in the bay area. >> yes. >> still ahead on abc 7 news reaching milestone autos generosity helping a little boy born without limbs do things he's never done. >> two major recalls you need to know about it. another comes from a major
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checking healthy living news researchers have chosen an experimental drug for a study aimed at preventing alzheimer's disease in older people.
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earlier studies found it did not help people with moderate to severe alzheimer's. this study will test people whose scans show plaque build up but who do not yet have symptoms of demenia. >> many san francisco residents boast about being tech savvy. san francisco residents scored 11% higher than people in other cities. it measures memory, speed, and problem solving skill autos a baby boy has a new grip on live thanks to the generosity of the community. he squeal was laughter, trying to speak but he was born without arms. the spokane community raised $25,000 for special prosthetic autos is there a prototype
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arms. and are made for him. >> before, we'd have to hold a toy or a teether. you know? now, he can do it. >> they puck up electrical impulses from his muscle autos that is remarkable. >> two big recalls underway, ininvolves your children. other, honda driver autos that is right. michael finney is here. >> starting with the car, honda says it's recalling 777,000 crossover vehicles and minivans because of air bag problems. the pilot crossover vehicles from 2009 to 2013. odyssey minivans from years 2011, 12, 13. honda says some drivers side air bags may have been installed with out some rivets
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securing the air bag plastic cover that can cause it to deploy improperly. so far in crashes or injuries have been reported. owners can bring vehicles in and they'll replace air bags free if that is what is necessary. >> target recalling several items of sleep ware saying they don't need federal plamibility guidelines saying it invochls target, circo and exhilaration childrens cotton or cotton fleece sets sold for boys and girls. they come in various colors and designs. for a list of items, numbers in this recall go to our web site. abc 7 click on see it on tv. seen it on tv. >> well, this question comes
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from paul be mailed a purchased a shed in san jose. they charged me 8 and three quarters percent on everything, including installation. you can't get taxed on labor, right? >> you can in this instance. had they built the shed at the factory and ship shipped it, you would have paid for the putting together of the shed. they say if you're building a tangible product, it can be taxed and this is a tangible product. >> dana c says i came back from a trip to walmart. the checker refused to put items in the cloth bag, none of the items were grocery related saying if you do not buy paper or reusable bag,
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they'll no longer bag your it yinls. >> so if they don't get their dime, that isn't true. we got this early enough this afternoon and gave walmart a call saying what sup with that? they said look. they were wrong. they're retraining everybody. different cities and counties are doing away with bags. they think it's just miscommunication. the checker was mistaken. >> also, i've heard people showing up with plastic bags from homes in sthaiz don't allow plastic bags. they've been told they can't use those. >> that is not true. it's a reusable item. no they just have to charge you if they're going to give you a new bag. >> what do you do? ask? yes. >> call michael. >> ellen c eme mails i'm going
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to do my taxes myself, which software do you suggest? >> how much help do you need? some give you a ton of help. you can telephone and talk to them 20 minutes. others have huge web sites. three biggies are turbo tax and tax act. depends on needs. so i don't want to leave you hanging. if you go to our web site go to 7 on your side. they looked into all of this. there are differences. let me tell were you they get you this, is what you need to know. you think is a cost. i'm cool. keep reading. make sure it sedz state form that. is how they get you. like oh, $10. some companies will charge you another $40 or 50. >> this is a nuisance, save
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nefrg one spot all year. >> you can figure it out later that. is best advice, ever. >> this saves you trouble. >> sure. sure. >> take a look at this picture in pacifica. it's 49er friday. >> that is something. check out these two little guys. mom calls them cutest niners fans. >> look how huge that football looks next to them. you can e mail your fan photos and we'll post them and show a lot of them right here on the air. >> those gr pictures tonight. >> still to come at 6:00 taking fight against cyber bullying off line. >> what san francisco is doing to fight this problem, up next. >> coming up at 5:00 vigilante
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justice. the showdown today between those who think the man accused of killing a burglar should go free and victim family, which is firing back. >> and a
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san francisco public school students received a lesson today, how to be about g.public citizens. abc 7 news explain autos what are you doing about cyber bully something. >> not cool. not cool. >> this is not cool, it's a misdemeanor and according to gerj gascone it's a growing problem. >> 56% of our young people are reporting that they're being victims of cyber bullying. as a matter of fact there is a young man in the classroom with a friend that committed suicide because he was being bullied. >> the child internet protection act requires public schools to educate students. san francisco found a one-stop resource in common this is a nonproflt devoted to
4:55 pm
helping them navigate through technology, today, students got a lesson like this one at apt yos middle school its not don't do this or that. it's here great opportunities. here is some perils. how do you think about what you're going to do? >> this 13-year-old said sometimes, he's not sure if what he is seeing online is acceptable teasing or bullying. >> you wantthey are on view aftn storage for 20 years. >> sometimes. >> assistant superintendent says teaching kids directly is important when they're so internet savvy. >> i know when i was a principal, if i wouldn't couldn't get through a fire all irks get on someone'sage ar.
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they can access nd >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. by the way abc 7 news alarm clock app is now available for an droid. you can down load it now for free. this also available if you have an iphone. >> thank you. a showdown over vigilante jusis in a courtroom. there was a big turnout for both a man accused of killing a burglar and the victim. >> and we're live in atlanta. playoff fever >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. tensions rising between two
4:57 pm
victims in a murder case in san jose. >> they faced off in court today. david louie was there and joins us flif san jose with the story. david? >> the family of a man accused of shoofting and killing an unarmed burglary suspect said they've been getting threats believed to be coming from the victims' families and this afternoon a threat happened as they were sitting in the same courtroom. ricardo appeared briefly in court. he's expected of shooting and killing someone at summer breeze apartments. he's worked there as a custodian and handiman. the family and friends consider him a hero for helping to stop a crime wave. and if there is a private security firm, it's now watching the apartment complex. >> why now is the owner providing security?
4:58 pm
we're told they couldn't afford it. why they can afford it. have they been pro active this never would have happened. >> the shooting never would have created friction for family autos the family sat on separate sides of the courtroom. and someone was threatened trying to figure out what is going on. >> the hernandez family qis licklee disappeared. the victim's family denied a threat was made. >> how can you when he took the law into his own hands. ef killed a man, a father of five children, took my son way from me. >> the district attorney is proceeding to prosecute hernandez and issued a statement saying quote at the time of the shooting mr. hernandez had no legal excuse for using deadly force on an unarmed man. his family is looking for
4:59 pm
leniency. >> i think he deserved a second chance. >> hernandez is being held in jail, so far unable to raise $1 million bail. he appears next in court in a month. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> thank you, david, despite a public admission last week a former death row inmate pleaded not guilty today to killing his mother. the plea took place in supreme court today. he stunned the courtroom last week by loudly admitting to murdering his 90-year-old mother. her body found in his home. he was sentenced to death in the 60s for killing two bay area teens. he was paroled. >> redwood city police looking for help finding a person who started a nir a school.


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